1. Are the images I will receive edited?

Oh yes! Our time spent editing will correct any necessary adjustments in exposure, contrast, color, cropping and minor blemishes. If a particular image would look great in black and white, then we'll do that too!


2. Will the final images have the JCrest logo on them?

Nope! They will be high resolution images without a watermark. Please note however that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PHOTO CREDITING JCrest Photography on every image used on social media (type "@JCrest Photography" on all facebook images).  Thank you, thank you, thank you! : D


3. If I will have ownership of the images, why should I print with JCrest instead of a cheaper printing company?

Most importantly it's because you may loose part of your investment in the process. Your pictures are made up of millions of pixels and cheaper printing companies don't have the capacity to print them as accurately as professional printing companies. We guarentee the highest quality print and really appreciate your business!!!


4. How long do the images take to receive?

It will take 8-12 weeks from your wedding date for you to receive all your final photos. We'll send you a couple sneak peaks to hold you over well before then :)


5. How will I get my images?

When they're ready we'll send you a link via email to your online proofing collection with a pin to download them all. We highly recommend doing it immediately at more than one location as a backup. Please note that once we release your images to you we are no longer responsible for archiving them.


6. How do I order prints?

Via your online proofing collection. Click on a photo. Click "Buy Photo". Choose product and size. Add to cart. Crop as needed. Checkout with PayPal or credit card.


7. I'm purchasing a custom album. How long will that take to receive?

It will take approximately 3-6 months from your wedding date to receive your preliminary album design via email, however NO ALBUM DESIGN IS GUARANTEED BEFORE CHRISTMAS. After that, depending on how quickly you get back to us with a list of images to swap, your final design will be ordered. Once ordered it will be shipped to you in 8-12 business days. 




1. I'm trying to figure out how many hours of coverage I need. Can you give me an estimate on how long things usually take to photograph?

Absolutely. Here are the typical coverage times. Remember to factor in driving time too  : )

  • Getting ready photos (including details of dress, shoes, flower, and rings): 1-1.5 hr
  • First look: 20 min
  • Ceremony: 15 min- 1 hr
  • Formal group pictures: 1 hr
  • Formal pictures of just the newlyweds: 20 min
  • Detail shots of the reception: 15 min
  • Reception coverage: 2-3 hr




1. We love your work and would love to schedule a consultation! What's your availability?

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9-2 but if that doesn't work for you just let us know and we'll make it work! We really look forward to meeting you!


2. There are some things I want to make sure we capture during my wedding day. How can I let you know what those things are?

We will definitely chat about what you're looking for from us via phone call, email, or consultation. We also have a Wedding Day Form we will email to you 30 days before your wedding that is super helpful for planning purposes.